My first time trying the Yamazaki 12

Sometimes the best things on earth are found by accident - the so called hidden treasures in life. These treasures can be found by rummaging through a dumpster, cleaning out a house or simply by walking into a random and seeing something worth buying. For me this was the Suntory's Yamazaki 12 year old whisky. I was always on the fence about trying Japanese whisky. I heard all the rumours about how tasty and savory these whiskies could be but I never jumped on the bandwagon; that is until a few months ago. The Yamazaki 12 lives up to all the talk and packs a tasty flavor profile suited for any level of scotch drinker. The nose is huge bodied with scents of macadamia and Brazilian nuts which I perceive as bits of dragon-fruit. The palate is smooth and soft enhancing that fruit you smelt a few moments ago and the finish... we'll that's the best part. You'll just have to see for yourself. Personally I like to let this one sit in a Glencairn glass for a good ten minutes to really give the whisky a chance to work its magic. Kudos to Suntory for breaking the mold and creating an exquisite single malt.

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