Additional stills brought into Yamazaki to supply the growing demand

Cherishing Shinjiro Torii’s dream as we take the art of crafting whisky into the future

Suntory’s high-quality whisky has not only been satisfying the Japanese palate, but also been gaining global recognition as Japanese whisky. In an effort to create even more distinctive whiskies for the future, we built additional stills at the Yamazaki distillery in 2013, followed by the Hakushu distillery the following year. We will continue to craft whisky in a way that stays true to the original dream of our founder Shinjiro Torii, respecting the time-honored skills of our craftsmen while taking up new challenges with a view to the distant future-ten, twenty, even fifty years down the road.

Multiple pot stills line up parallel at the Yamazaki Distillery

A new addition to the Distillery

"Suntory Whisky. Achieved by the fusion of Japan’s abundant nature and craftsmanship."

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